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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  October 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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development overnight as investigation into las vegas shooting intensifies. gunman's girlfriend back into the u.s. and met by fbi at the airport and new perspective of sunday's massacre. >> for the first time seeing video footage from the officers that plan to the scene and looked in the gu gunman's hotel room. a look at meeting with victims and first responders. >> a live look outside, wednesday morning, october 4. weather and traffic on fives at 6:05. >> we are going to begin with the latest own investigation into that horrific mass sh shooting in las vegas. new details come to light as girlfriend ever the gunman landed hours ago in las vegas. >> and investigators released chilling body cam video that showed what happened after stephen paddock opened fire on that country mus f
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before begun turning the gun on himself. melanie. is sdm steveing allison. fbi has been assist in all aspect of the investigation. marylou danly has been cooperating with investigators and they want do learn more from her about stephen paddock and his activities. philippino officials say miss danley arrived on that country september 25 on plane from hong kong. fbi agents met her in los angeles after returning from manila to the united states for questioning. they said danley was located out of the the country and not involved and few they're calling her person of interest. they want to know why stefan paddock wired 100,000 to philippines in days before shooting and her sister says marylou didn't plan to go out of town
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>> i found her a cheap ticket to the philippines he september her away. so he can plan what he's planning without interr interruptions. in that since i take him for sparing my sister's life and wanting to compensate forting 59 people's lives. >> body cram video frain officers before they knew why gun fair fire was coming from shooting spanned between 9 and 11 minutes and we're also learning paddock had cameras rigged both outside and inside his hotel room so he could see law enforcement approaching. >> video reported through the room shows assault rifle as well as other devices in the room. they were called bump stocks. they were on twelve of 23 guns found in the hoe it will
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and that turned them into rapid fire weapons. as fbi investigators had the grim tack of document, evidence in the financial field financial invest towards are looking into a dozen financial transaction reports in the past several weeks showing he gambled more than $10,000 a day. investigators also found 26 more guns continued in two of paddock's homes one in texas and one in nevada bringing total to 49 guns. the clark country sheriff there joseph lombardo says he's confident that we will eventually know what set off stephen paddock. live at headquarters "fox5 local news". >> and this morning we're hearing more heart wrenching stories about the lives lost in this senseless tragedy. one of victims was from martinsburg west virginia denise was at the music festival with husband tony.
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of bullets when tony who was retired green bar a realized they were in direct line of fire. >> on our way out dep ees was struck and immediately unconscious and i stayed with her there. she -- her wounds were pretty bad. another gentleman stopped and we moved her back and then finally got the ability to move her outside the fence. we loaded her up in someone's pickup truck out there and started on way to the hos hospital. >> denise berdids was mother of two and in february would have been grandmother for fifth time. another local victim tina frost that graduated from arundel high ten years ago was shot in right eye and remains in intensive care unit in incomely induced coma. her family through there to be by her side. >> back in the district new this morning city
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member saying they'll help immigrants. in d.c. 1 were arrested. at large council member called raids assault on our communities and urged any immigrants arrested or anyone that knows any to contact them for legal help. he'll join us more to talk more about this at 8:00. >> hundreds plan to gather today to protest custom imm grace headquarters and march to mayor's office. they demand he lease 1 last week and all documents relied to this operation. >> 6:05, 57 to start off our morning. my goodness wait a minute tucker you're having a hair malfunction. >> is that better. >> let's concentrate on the weather. >> let's go to maps. >> i don't know what's going on. >> still attached. >> let's go to graphics.
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>> warming trend begins to today. yes, like right now. >> right. >> like later this afternoon. >> go ahead. >> we're looking at temps now in the 50s. 58 reagan national and 4 dulles and you can deal today with warm start and warm finish yesterday and made into mid 70s today. maybe 80 with expected sunshine. and in fact day 20 of -- we're fine. >>. >> 9 keeping sunshine going maybe arrives by end of weekend talks about national baseball and what we've had temperatures are warmer than the last couple days. >> baseball will feel like summertime baseball this weekend. >> like when it first started. >> friday and saturday. sdm nice and
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>> and erin airport good morning. >> good morning it's 6:06 now. red line problem. single tracking fargate north and judiciary square problems. delays in both directions. factor in extra time or consider metro bus rest of rail lines on time now. this is just outside the beltway 50 westbound side buoy and we are still seeing heavy traffic give yourself five extra minutes there. and as we move over to 270 southbound earlier disabled vehicle cleared and coming down from 70 to 121 red zone cell 34 minute trip. leave early more congestion with the split. because of earlier late clearing construction outer loop del
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majority of congestion now is 95 over to georgia avenue it switched earlier from george aavenue over to the 270 split you can see yellow zone as well as you pass old georgetown to 270 spur. as we look in virginia look at all that backup into stafford now in 17 to quantico, 23 minute trip. southbound side looks nice in fed ricksburg. aside from that 66 eastbound we have growing conqueston as you make your wayness to centerville. once you pass 28 chantilly things open in fair nax and 234 to beltway 30 minute trip, 295 southbound in district also backing up from 50 to pennsylvania avenue. >> still ahead a metro bus driver attacked in metro ruinon demanding action. >> much needed medical supplies and aida riffing in puerto rico just as president completes his visit to the island. we're back
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0 >> more help on the ground in puerto rico. u.s. navy hospital ship comfort arrived in san juan with
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11 operator rooms and the ship is quld to last up to 30 days. in the meantime death toll on island doubled to 4 and he believes that hurricane maria caused about 90 billion in damage. he told fox news we would work out purt rock owe's. >> coming up home later today awe can see from this fet owe here one of the jobs is to deliver ox and an drous air force base this afternoon eight went to help former police officers on eye plan and some sill is have family there. >> a man refused to pay bus fare and thaet end to kill a metro bus rate pear it happened on the x 2 line. devon ab any got on x 12 bus and refused to pay. he pulled a
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driver and said he would kill him the next time he seize him. ab any has been a problem before and union leaders say it's time all assaults on drives become felonies. >> prince george county police department is once genre spoping to allegations that it sgrim nature against minority when's it comes to promotions and discipline. department of justice civil rights division launched bat earn and practice investigation agent least. last week the chief responded and said it stemmed before he was chief. some of the officers that filed complaints dispute that. >> we will fully cooperate and provide any information or matters to doj simply upon request. there will be not be surprises or demand merely instance of them asking for any information they like to have and original documents will be provided to them immediately.
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aaccused sex owe fopder due in charles county korm room today. bell has a scheduled here 9:30 bell say former school aida kus of sexually abuse you 24 boys and knowingly transmitting hiv. he's facing 119 charges and if con vibed bell faces live in prison. >> jury in arizona acquitted nba players marcus and keith more nis assault dliv they were accused of of attacking a man outside a high school basketball the brothers now getting eady to get back to respective teams.
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. new this morning a silver alert in bethesda maryland police are looking for this man. 92-year-old named william bateal last seen around 6:45 last night drive ago way from his home bulls run parkway in gray 2013 nissan cube. family members say he suffer from memory loss and may be disoriented. >> meanwhile d.c. police need help lobeing a teenager missing more than a week. griffin was last seen september 22 in the 1200 block northeast she was just recorded missing yesterday. if you have information on why about make sure to call "b.c."police. >> coming up next while local drivers need to be cautious on roads. >> and headed to break this wednesday morning. weather and traffic next on the fives. that makes it 6:15. it's 6:13 now
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>> 6:15 now outer loop 270 already slowing down. hopefully things get back to normal. before you get too deep into commutement little way as way from heaviest stuff. >> we're playing music and makes it feel like things are moving along long. >> it's all perspective i guess. >> right. >> right. >> feeling rhythm of commute this morning. >> exactly. >> i'm up and ready to go. good morning, bus stop forecast. start with that. temperatures overnight cool side and last couple mornings jacket early and by afternoon when temperatures upper 70s and low 80s it's absolutely perfect around here. today warmer than yesterday. idea we were in mid 70s. today more like 80 daytime highs dry this afternoon. current numbers let's do it 58 washington as is the
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of the week this is warm spot reagan national close to wa water, annapolis now 57 cooler once you get outside the beltway. 47 dulles and 48 winchester and frederick down to 45. very comfortable temperatures across the area. need the rain. current streak here without rain 20 days and even that 20 days ago was four one hundredths of an inch. a record if you're curious i know you are are you get up and idea to go out the door. 4 days in 2007. i think we'll got a rain chance better one by ends of weekend and early next week. hopefully a little dent in that. and no rain today. sunshine beautiful. absolutely gorgeous. you'll notice temperatures are a little warm wither today than yesterday as high pressure slips off to east here. right overhead as we speak. we start to get southerly breeze going next several days
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little. again summary around here end of weekday time highs in mid 80s and overnight lows in 60s to 70. look for warmer temperatures around here beginning of week. let me mention again, friday, saturday for national homeowner opener there and weather looks ideal. little on the warm side. temperatures 0s. again looks like next chance for rain probably late sunday as we get to next week, mo monday, tuesday, that's a weather update. hair on point. >> your hair looks fabulous today. >> microphone on. >> yes, you're winning it wednesday. shirt tucked in and ready to go. >> just in dace rights now sky fox looking nasty. you want to help me with big thumbs down we have a lot of volume. earlier construction outer loop call uing 270 southbound crawling and heavy traffic
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so if you are wacking up in montgomery county be prepared for 27 owe soub delays and outer loop delays. want to switch it over for a look at maps. we have red line delays. single track between fargate north and judiciary square. problems there delays in both direction there's and crash blocking left shoulder. look at heavy volume 95 northbound by prince william. dale cityto red zone 4 minute stripe leave early there. virginia sdriv times. 95 northbound from fred fredericksburg to 610 stafford ford and 25 minute trip. that's a delay in the camera behind me. 3 95 in the clear once you pa the mixing bowlment sluggish 234 sutly road to the beltway. maryland drive times 270 southbound from 70 to 121, 39 minute trip. outer loop congestion sky fox 95
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behind me 50 getting back to normal outside thebility way in maryland after earlier crash. back to you allison and steve. >> warping for drivers this morning take extra caution out there on the roads. why, well today, the dmz tell braits international walk to school day. live picture world 6 capitol hill where the mayor will speak 7:45 several other events planned in virginia and maryland. >> as we head to break now. how cute is this. washington redskins quarterback kirk cousins with newborn baby boy and puppy there too. whole family starting to bond together. the team retweeted this incompetent picture the 2 29-year-old dad and son cooper with # family goals. they welcome the 9 pound 6 ounce fundle of joy
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bye week he posted. gets to enjoy extra time with little
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>> should hotel staff be trained top spot suspicious guest behavior. we'll talk about that nay minute. joining us from the fox bliz network studios lauren simonetti. >> amazing days. lifetime high dow up another 4 points to up side. flat this morning. here's why. we have janet yellen speaking this afternoon head of fed. we also have the jobs report for september coming down the pipeline on friday. this will show effect from hurricanes and it's not expected to be a good number. maybe investors are art st starting to tiptoe as they realized markets are up double digits since election. >> slow start to the day today. what i just mentioned that is hotel
6:24 am
perhaps for them to keep app eye on guests belongings does it go too far is there middle ground, safety, what's going on here. >> these days i don't know anymore, what is happening in vegas wynn and encore are starting to check bags with hand held devices and in new york they want to train hotel staff what to look for. how to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. >> you know it's po arizeing issue i'm fine with bags being checked i am these are times we live in. i question vegas gunman he brought these guns in in ten different suitcases. okay, you know, fine. but if they were checked maybe something would have been spotted. additionally you had hotel staff in his room where he had cameras set up and is sembleed guns, did no one see anything or were they not look are for anything or -- they say see
6:25 am
sometimes people say oh, i don't want to owe fep anybody right. >> true and they're guest that don't want hotel staff going to my stuv. >> that too. >> i agree with you lauren. when i check in if someone wants to search my bags go for it. in the time name of safety it's culture we live in unfortunately and tragically. >> when it comes to security breaches we don't find out until after the fact and in cases like yahoo learning more and more well after the fact. three billion users every iping sl yahoo user was affected by 2013 data breach. we found out about it last year and were told one billion users they just tripled that number what do you do change password and accept it's happening, for company yahoo is opened by verizon. this is expensive and will be inundated with more lawsuits. >> and most bizarre
6:26 am
the day perhaps when it comes to security breaches the big one recently gets rewarded by federal government. >> and i had to r5ed this story a million tixingtz buzz ir saxt warded 7.25 million to equifax. equifax a contract where they have the power to verify taxpayer's personal information. >> i'm just speechless because shaking my head right now. >> yeah i know and equifax former ceo is on hot seat yesterday and again today basically explaining to lawmakers are how they missed data breach that affected half u.s. population. >> okay. >> thank you lauren. >> i don't know what to say at this point. apparently the government says this is only company that can do work when ceo is thrown on capitol hill and you're giving them millions in contracts maybe someone can figure that
6:27 am
out. >> what about experion and. >> i need end on positive it's national taco day. >> that leaves a pleasant taste in hi mouth after all the news. see you soon lauren, bye-bye. >> see you quac for all. >> tacos yes. >> i noticed everybody outside indooing outdoors last night. >> i know. >> looking forward to it again today. 80 this afternoon. quick look at numbers. 58 washington. lots of 40s. jacket here early and bright sunshine and dry conditions and another beautiful afternoon to look forward to and warm-up. 79 today. warmer than yesterday and look at 0s. friday, saturday, surprised, thursday, too. >> nice looking. >> appreciate. >> it's a nasty day on the roads already. unfortunately. 6:27 look at sea of traffic behind me 270 southbound to split late clearing construction 270 southbound as well as
6:28 am
road. traffic outer loop and 2 70 southbound 45 minute delay 70 to beltway. give yourself extra time. northbound side 270 looking better. as we switch to map crash prince william parkway blocking left shoulder and lane. 34 minute trip coming to beltway. red line no longer single tracking keep it to "fox5" more in a few.
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at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. >>
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yeah a lot of headlights there. looking at 270 beltway. there had been a cleanup happening right there. now it's starting to loosen up more. you can see right there slow going. airport erin and tucker barnes will be long on the fives with your waej and traffic help. make sense at atel earl hi hour. 30, new developments overnight into the investigation into horrendous mass shooting in vegas. girl fepd of shooter arrived back in the united states from philippines late last night and is being questioned by investigators. family members say that mary lopez-rivas lieu danley knew nothing about stephen pad paddock's plans to open fire. paddock essentially bought her 'plane tickets intention alley did that to the philippines so he would not interfere with his plans. >> investigators released chilling
6:32 am
the night of mass shooting officers trying to figure out where all the bullets are coming from [ gunfire ]. >> first gunfire heard over and over as police urge by standers to get down. there were 23 rivals inside the hoe it will room and some that fired hundreds of rounds permit. 60 people including paddocking were killed and 500 plus others were injured. >> 6:2 happening locally d.c. mayor bowser introduced new investments in assist the housing program. it will provide first responders in d.c. law enf enforce. 45,000 in benefits towards a home loan down payment. it's capital hill celebrating the important role they play in our lives. tonight's event will have
6:33 am
stations and did you know the hill is very pet treatmently 9 majority of responders say they welcome pet at work on hill and some congressional dogs even have their own, wait for it steve, business cards. >> all right. 6:33 now. let's get a quick check on sports. couple days away from nat nationals match-up in nl division series first around of the postseason and no official word on who gets the job for washington. matt scherzer was "fosed to get that quuts will be arehood to go game one. if not look for stephen straws bark to watch. >> as the team prepares for postseason run in six years it's a free event. it will feature several activities for all ages and entered io
6:34 am
prizes throughout the evening and that starts 6:30 tonight. last night on the field you know they play one game p playoff series and winner gets to go on and play festive -- best of five. the match-up between twipingz and yankees. yankees headed best of five after rallying to beat the twins in wildcard game. minnesota got out 0-5 lead and tie today and wj phoneal score 8-4. >> number one aaron judge second roopingy to have most popular jersey after hitting league high 52 home runs followed by cub stairs chris bript and an theny and clayton ker shall and number five questions to nat
6:35 am
says the. >> skins bye week comes at a good time as players need a rest from getting hurt. josh norman one of them woke to week after fracturing a loss. post game he said he fell awk wartdly on someone's true. he skins are off this week and will play october 15. and finally caps kickoff the season tomorrow. hard to believe it's of coursey season. tom wilson will not play suspended without pay for first four games after bo boarding penalty in preseason gale. he comes back on ice october 13 and steve job's widow maureen captured a only ted has a bigger individual state
6:36 am
a little business news with snorts morning. >> very cool to know. >> what do you think of the captains picking -- good i don't know. >> i worry about somebody not picked. playground style. >> damaging to the psyche. >> i think so. >> good thing they're all pretty good. >> right. >> at some point -- trauma is there. >> 58 washington and we're looking at dry conditions today. 20 or 21 without rain. dry this afternoon. another beautiful day. little warmer than yesterday. you might have to consider tapping air conditioner back on this afternoon. you don't need it this morning. eyes here 0. sunnying bright, but full. we'll have a warm are trend we'll be back in mid 80s.
6:37 am
p joy. >> no complaint tucker. >> no complaining. >> thank you. >> hi, erin, good morning. >> good morning, 6:36 taking a look at problems on the roads. this is in sdail city as you come up past prince william crash blocks left lane and hov lanes heavy and dale city to beltway takes you 34 minutes. most con juston through woodbridge. once you get to lorton and fairfax additional congestion to the beltway. in brooe, he have a bicyclist struck by car south washington at prince. remadeer it is national walk to school day. please use caution and watch for extra pedestrians in school zones and throughout the neighborhoods. again please slow it down bicyclist struck in alexandria right now a side from this heavy con just your honor outer loop we have a crash mocking shoulder
6:38 am
with take her he 27 minutes. from 70 to 121 see that red zone and we have a 6 minute delay and chose to the spur more heavy volume through sgaijersburg, 70 to beltway i suggest leaving house 45 minutes early good news for residual delays tingling tracking the rest of metro rail lines on time and as we take a wide view 295 pennsylvania avenue keep it to "fox5" we'll be right back. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect
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>> back now with what's trending on the web on this wednesday morningment fist up, los angeles airport trying to give people a reason to smile and comfort following this weekend's deadly mass shooting in vegas, lax increasing number of comfort dogs at the airport and another four dogs were were cheering on pur purposes. they're rescue dogs from all different breeds and ages. >> all right. so here's a fight we didn't see coming apparently former heavy weight champ george foreman chat terd actor steven
6:42 am
segal to a new it's true, tuck, when fans asked but why, chatp. segal can fight and is big enough to depen himself and segal made headlines for calling mfl. >> and finally aconsidereding to the hol hi wood with reporteriery letto will play hugh heffner. the movie has been in the work near hi a decade throw. it. ereltt owe. no word yep owe on. >> very much gets into the roles he maze. >> yeah. >> he's really good ak or for. >> thanks. >> coming up next new message from jasonal deep to fans in wake of shooting. and talking a
6:43 am
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>> sing it tuck. >> if you were smart enough to write the song it will be played for eternity. >> good song writing yeah i agree. it's perfect. here comes the sun. >> it will be beautiful. beautiful the last couple days and beautiful again
6:46 am
and if you like late summertime heat beautiful through the weekend sgi like late summertime. >> all for it. >> go for night walks trees are starting -- we'll look at leaf condition for leaf peeping. >> this is my favorite time of yoor i can say leaf p peeping. >> your a leaf peep are i am. >> i am sunshine and beautiful weather beautiful next couple days we'll warm it up 80 today. yesterday hit 75 or 6 or 5 i should know that. 75. today near 80. speaker is back. i mean not 90s and humidity temperatures mid 80s. it will start to feel summary around here. great for nats game lucky enough friday evening or saturday afternoon both games warm. should be dry good news. 58 washington. wonderfully comfortably cool over night temperatures 40s in mannasas. 47 fredericksburg and win chester 48. 46 leonardtown and warmer by th
6:47 am
when do we peak. not until late october and just we're starting to get a little bit of color locally. if you go further off north west you want to get to shenandoah valley. you'll see more color here this weekend xing though we're just starting to turnment all systems go for beautiful weather to get outside. should be a pleasant day. begun a little warmer than yesterday. high pressure which is currently right overhead starts to slip east of us and as that happens we get southerly flow. with southerly flow the next few days we'll heat things up and see temperatures get a little warmer than they normally would be back well into 80s. good ten or so above normal by tomorrow and friday afternoon. today, about 80 with sunshine. quick look at 7 day. mentioned nationals game friday and day. they look great. rain, we need. it three weeks since we've seen any and next chance will arrive late this weekend and early next week. perhaps by surprised, monday tropical
6:48 am
all right. i'm done. morning meme is on the way. >> unfortunately i have a bunch of bad traffic to get through first. sky fox made way to 66 stretch gainsville to centerville and it's slow traffic. average speeds checking in under 30 miles an hour because of congestion right now it's 5 minute delay gainesville to beltway. have patience, westbound pleasant antesteady flow on westbound side. crash as you come up to woodbridge right after prince will july approaching 123 crash blocking left shoulder and lane takes you 40 minute to get dale city to the beltway and lorton and fairfax things loosen a bit. heaviest traxing now. in the main lanes with crash hov lanes looking better. bicyclist struck by a car that crash cleared south washington and old town alexandria prince street. traffic back to normal. you saw a delay 295 northbound and upper loop day
6:49 am
minute trip branch avenue to wilson breath and crash bl blocking shoulder by 295. hevrier traffic there an outer loop heavier that usual as well and as we move things over 32 minute ride on 270 coming from frederick mash maryland 70 to 121. earlier crash college park new hampshire avenue 95 to 270 spur a 0 minute slow down and 295 in district southbound side jams up 50 down to 11 street bridge 14 minute ride and good news for metro xlut red line no longer single tracking we have residual delays near judiciary square. rest of rail line on time and now time for slice of happiness. >> morning meme time. >> lot of pressure. >> yes, it is. >> we over sold. >> you might have over sold. >> i'm sure did you. >> morning meme animal edition. >> very cool. >> never go wrong with animals. >> especially
6:50 am
>> # morning meme. >> thank you d ied ra. >> morning people what a beautiful morning to start the day. >> five more minutes please. >> that's me before coffee. >> or five more hours. >> settle down morning pe people. >> a lot of people think we're morning people. >> i'm sglot not even close. >> but happy to be here with you. >> that keeps us going. >> all right. >> let's take care of business hang on maxime doing everything i can i got this. >> look at the hill. >> speaking of animals this is for our friend kevin kevin when movie reviews go terribly wrong. >> where's the picture from that so is found any. >> for a five star. >> steve september that in
6:51 am
>> we he have to put you under cinema arrest that was in baltimore we had baltimore police officers that watch us every day. hello to all of them and thank for watching. >> i'm sad i missed it. >> when you always want a pool and live if a con owed. >> sometimes you have to make a pool. >> # morning merme. >> good memes. >> actor miles teller joins us to talk about the new movie thank you for your service and eye group of shoulders to immediate normal lives. >> what he'll din about and much more. he has a new show out to talk about. we'll talk about othersh use of the day starting 9:00. hop you swroyn us for that. >> surprise three of lucifer returned to fox monday night and today on good day d.c. we have two of the stars of the show. tom well be two times for you. tom
6:52 am
kevin mccarthy here with the fox beat. good to he sue kev. >> good morning steve and all i son. >> it's a great photo we're meeting lovely baltimore police and one was huge fan of our show. >> i was wearing my drive jacket ryan gosling wears it in on the movie drive. >> jasonal deep cancelled weekend concert in respect to ves ago. and saying as a result of what happened in las vegas this week we decided to cancel this come's weekend shows for are spent to family and fraendz he's right to doment our tore well resumed in tuls a, of course oak, next week and first time back on same will be tough an he mowingal thing us with but we'll all get through it together and honor the people we lost by doing the only thing we know how
6:53 am
them. i think that was obviously a smart choice on his part and i think it -- there's -- if you happen to be going to one of those shows he gives refund element on twitter if you go to twitter page find out details how to get refunds and meets and greets. >> totally understandable. >> so new movie coming out october 22 called thank you for your service. a gentleman about adam shoe an and dealing with ptsd and how it changes your life and go home and you're with your families. one thing i thought miles wife gets home and noticed changes about him. he notices she's chewing gum more often and says to him i never knew you khuved gum as often as yo
6:54 am
i was curious it's pointed out heavily in the film i wanted to ask miles and read adam should nan that was smk that affected him and why he did that. i was really shocked to hear how serious and what that gum chew canning actually meant for him. listen to this. >> iraq smelled horrible most of the time so i you chewed on breath mit minutes an a lot of time when i was carrying emery down the story was ingested it and so i yeah the taste liping he with. >> there were daysfy cut my finger and did that then i would not eat for twelve ho hours. >> that was something that jason obviously picked up on and put that in the script and i guess my job as
6:55 am
making sure it was consistent. jay and i absolutely when you kind of have device like that we were very specific about when we did it and didn't. so everything should have a purpose and deeper meaning than just i want to do something on camera you know. >> and in adam shouldman's answer you said carrying emery down the stairs that's what happens in the story a fellow soldier of his is shot and he's carrying down the hull and want to get that interesting thing i'll have more coming up with him 9:0 this morning. gentlemen on the left jason hall wrote "american snipder." >> when does it open. >> october 27. serious and important subject matter ptszd and soldiers coming home and dealing with that
6:56 am
>> 6:a55. >> cool early this morning and we warm up to upper 70s to winds southwest at 5. temp 5. much of the area is in the 4 40s. you may want a jacket next hour or two. satellite radar nice and quiet. high pressure overhead and that keeps things dry around here this afternoon. few clouds expected and otherwise very pleasant and turn into a very summery late summer kind of feel around here auto end of week. temps 85, thursday, friday, saturday sunday. erin. >> all right. 6:56 now and we have delays on the roads. we're dealing with big slow downs through dale city after prince william before 123 crash blocks left shoulder and lane main lanes 95 heaviest
6:57 am
from tail -- as we move oaf to look out in hern don carb there anper loop jam 31 minute trip to wilson bridge 29 a5 northbound as well. skpt for red line residual delays. 7:00 hour coming up
6:58 am
alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪
6:59 am
for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
7:00 am
>> straight ahead at 7. >> investigation over las vegas shooting intensifies the gunman's girlfriend back in the united states and met by fbi and new perspective of sunday massacre [ gun shots ]. >> for the first time we're seeing video camera footage from the officers that ran towards the scene and we also have a look inside the gu gunman's hotel room and all this as the president heads to las vegas today to meet with victims and first responders. >> also ahead the debates over sanctuary cities d.c. council member offering help to illegal imgrant recently arrested during ice raids we'll chat with him. >> if you just are waking up beautiful start to the day despite the news. wednesday morning, october 4. >> and let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. toue


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